Theurgy Training Institute

Theurgy Training Institute

This mentorship will provide you with personal mentorship with Theurgy Institute’s Mentors. Personal Interaction is what we take pride in. We want to provide you with the mentorship that allows you to understand the well-rounded business of Transportation Logistics and allow you the opportunity to gain knowledge as well as discussions and questions sessions with our personal mentors.


Theurgy Training Institute will provide you with all of the things you need to gain the insight on how to prepare for a successful transportation logistics business. As part of the mentorship, you will also have access to our live sessions and one on one sessions, where you will be able to get your questions answered directly from your mentors. You will gain extensive in depth knowledge and access to the industry’s top leading transportation logistics owners in the country.

Theurgy Training Institute is here to help

  • To help business owners plan, build, and scale their business
  • To give a personalized program that is customized to your business
  • To walk mentees step by step on how to obtain their business and successfully maintain their business

Mentorship Program Under $1000 Per Month

Join Us as we help you Plan, Build, and Scale your Business

Included in this mentorship:

  • Proper ways to dispatch
  • Hands on strategies from our mentors
  • Legalities & Paperwork
  • Bi-Weekly Meetings with our Mentors
  • And MUCH More!

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