Meet the Team


Tamika Wimby - CEO

With over 25 years of experience, Tamika has managed countless multi-million-dollar projects for some of the top brands across the global world. Known as an “industry leader” in the trade and award show transportation sector, Tamika has made a name for herself in a male-dominated industry by successfully cultivating relationships and managing award set shipments for BET, Missy Elliot, Megan the Stallion, and Chance the Rapper, as well as trade show booths for brands like Samsung, Canon and the Consumer Electronics Show.


Bryanna is a returning champion of the logistics industry who knows the ins and outs of the entire process. With her motivation & dedication at the helm of operations, Theurgy is assured in its success.

Christian Thackery - Client Services & Operations

Christian “Smooth Operator” Thackery is your main point of contact at Theurgy. Name a scenario that the man couldn’t solve, and you’d be speaking gibberish. This client connoisseur is no stranger to special instructions. Talk to the man himself and you’ll be confident in our services.


Tavia Wimby - President

Deal Broker. Supply Chain Maven. And Co-Founder & CEO of Theurgy Logistics. Tavia has over 15 year of experience operations and mastering the art of the deal for start-ups and specialty brands alike. Having managed supply chain, operational improvements & audits for Theurgy Logistics’, Tavia has helped grow Theurgy Logistics to a Multi-Million-dollar company within two years – serving markets over the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Tavia has crafted a multifaceted approach for negotiations and management of clientele and business partners.

Devin Robertson - Vendor Ambassador & Dispatch Team Lead

“You HAVE to know” Devin “The Passion for Fashion” Robertson is absolutely crushing the logistics field making sure our customer’s loads move as quick as they need. This debonair Devinaire will be the difference maker in your decision making.

Jonilyn Browning-Social Media Marketing Manager

Jonilyn “J” Browning has put in the work to give Theurgy Logistics the voice it truly deserves. Whether it’s being ahead of the latest trends and setting them herself, or finding new avenues for Theurgy’s ascendance to greatness.

Brandon Smith- Executive Director

Brandon Smith is the company’s executive director who helps corporate procedures and policies get produced with all details, contingencies, and departments accounted for. This Galactic Empire member will have our company on the high ground.

Carl Crabb - Executive Administrative Assistant

“Ask Carl not Google” Carl “Corporate Carl” Crabb uses his wide range of experience in roles to help the company move smoothly writing procedures, adding policy, and researching the best methods of keeping Theurgy on top of the industry.

Allison - Head of Pup-lick Relations

Allison is Very Good at Fetch. She doesn’t like giving the ball to the person she wants to toss the ball, but it’s the thought that counts! This pawfect puppo will make any busy office day feel like a walk in the park. Did someone say walk!?